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On the left is Ms. Henkenhaf with blonde hair and a polka dot top, in the middle is Mr. Böser in a wheelchair wearing a light-colored shirt, behind her is Ms. Gassner-Kerscher with dark, upswept hair, wearing an orange top, and to the right is Mr. Walther in a checked shirt. All four are wearing glasses and smiling in your direction.

About us

We are the Selbsthilfebüro

The Selbsthilfebüro in the Hardtwald Center is the center of information, counseling and support for self-help in the city and district of Karlsruhe.

Our team consists of (back, left to right) Tanja Henkenhaf, Silke Gassner-Kerscher, Alexander Walther and (front) Michael Böser. 

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For over 150
self-help groups

in the city and district of Karlsruhe da

  • We inform and advise on all topics of self-help
  • We place interested people in self-help groups
  • We promote new group creations
  • We advise and accompany existing groups, also with financing
  • We support the exchange of experience among the groups
  • We offer and organize professional events, seminars and workshops
  • We connect affected persons, experts and institutions 
Illustrationen einer diversen Personengruppe, die sich angeregt unterhält
In the foreground you can see a man with white hair sitting on a chair with his back turned to you. In front of him, a woman with long blonde hair is sitting at a desk. There is a computer on the desk. The two people are in a consultation.

Financial support for self-help

Health-related self-help groups have the opportunity to have their work funded. Here you will find information and applications. 

Forms and info