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Illustration of two people successfully fitting large puzzle pieces together.

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The results of the SHILD study, conducted from 2012 to 2018, demonstrate the effectiveness of self-help.

Would you like to take initiative and exchange ideas with others on a specific self-help topic, but couldn't find anything suitable in our group directory?  

In the following, we outline how you can get started and how we, as a Selbsthilfebüro, stand by your side in the process. 

Get started

Step 1: Arrange a consultation appointment

Schedule a consultation with us to start a group. Our team is at your disposal for a non-binding consultation.  

You will receive information including financial aid opportunities, PR support, and how to find group members.

Contact us by phone at 0721/91230-25 or by e-mail: 


Step 2: Draw attention to your group and find like-minded people

We offer several public relations support services so you can raise awareness about your new group. Finding like-minded people occasionally presents an initial hurdle, which we are happy to help with.  

We also support you, for example, with a press release, which we publish on our website and send to our press contacts. 

Examples on our website

Step 3: Find a protected space

A suitable room is important for group meetings. We recommend a neutral environment where many external disturbing factors can be excluded in advance.  

Some groups rent such a room at discounted rates from our partners at the Melitta-Schöpf-Bildungsstätte in the Hardtwaldzentrum.  

In addition, we will provide you with further addresses and contacts during direct consultation. 

To the Melitta-Schöpf-Bildungsstätte

Step 4: Grow together as a group

Ideally, a new support group grows together over time to form a stable community. Acceptance, respect and appreciative communication are the basis for a familiar and open get-together.  

We will be happy to advise and support you on the subject of group work, please contact us. 

Organize group meetings

In the illustration, profile pictures of various people with profiles are shown in front of the computer. The different people could, for example, belong to a self-help group or show contact persons from different self-help groups. The illustration is intended to show, among other things, that self-help sometimes comes together via the digital space, but that there are always real people and their stories behind it.


and further information

We as Selbsthilfebüro are also there for you after the group has been created, giving advice and support. For example, we organize training and networking meetings and always offer you a way to get advice or contact us with questions.  

We have also summarized the most important questions and answers for you online. 

Questions and answers

Further topic dossiers