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On the left are two women walking towards three seated people. The woman on the left has shoulder-length red hair and the woman on the right is wearing a hijab. They are both smiling. Two women and a man are sitting on the chairs on the right. The man has short black hair. One of the women has long black hair and the other woman has long pink hair. All three are talking animatedly.

Talking alone does not help.

But together it does!

Are you tired of blaming your problems on yourself? Then find others who feel the same way! There are self-help groups for all sorts of topics.

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Self-help topics

Self-help is effective.

Prejudice vs reality

Self-help groups are self-organized, non-commercial, at eye level, without professional guidance, confidential and above all: effective.

About the SHILD study

Illustrationen einer diversen Personengruppe, die sich angeregt unterhält
Illustration of two people successfully fitting large puzzle pieces together.

Strong together.

Helping people help themselves.

In community self-help, people meet in groups to tackle their problems together. These people have the same issues that bother them. These can be physical or mental illnesses, as well as the same fears, worries or needs.

In a confidential environment, they can talk openly about themselves and find out how others are dealing with the challenge. Understanding others, learning from each other and finding ways to achieve positive change is the core of community self-help in the form of a self-help group. 

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Find self-help groups

In the Heilbronn area you will find self-help groups listed on our website, for example on the following topics addiction, depression and psyche, ADHD and ADD, cancer and many other topics.

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Create a self-help group

We support you in setting up a new group and finding like-minded people.

That's how it's done

Young self-help groups throughout Germany

On the “Young Self-Help” portal you can find self-help groups listed throughout Germany, some of which also offer online meetings.

Young self-help

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The Heilbronn self-help office is the central information, advice and support point for self-help in the city and district of Heilbronn.

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