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Please take into account that not all contact persons of the self-help groups are capable of speaking English. 
The information on this groups is provided by the self-help groups and is therefore not necessarily available in English.
If you are looking for a self-help group, please do not hesitate to contact us personally.

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This self-help group has not yet provided any further information about itself. Contact the group directly or write an e-mail to the self-help office in Karlsruhe for more information.

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Frauenselbsthilfegruppe "Suchtmittelfreies Leben" Östringen

www.bw-lv.de 07251 9323840 fs-bruchsal@bw-lv.de

Gustav-Wolf-Galerie, Leiberg III 2, 76684 Östringen 14tägig Donnerstags ungerade Kalenderwochen 19.30 Uhr

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