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In the illustration, profile pictures of various people with profiles are shown in front of the computer. The different people could, for example, belong to a self-help group or show contact persons from different self-help groups. The illustration is intended to show, among other things, that self-help sometimes comes together via the digital space, but that there are always real people and their stories behind it.


in self-help

When it comes to digitalization in self-help, it is not about replacing personal meetings, but rather supplementing them. For example, communication within the group or organizational tasks.

Recommendations from the self-help office

Meeting Me

Create virtual group meetings yourself

During the Corona crisis, many self-help groups had to learn to exchange ideas using video and telephone conferences because there was no tailor-made digital solution for them.

KISS Stuttgart wants to change this and has developed the “Meeting Me” app, which is tailored to the needs of self-help groups.

Info and download

Self-help group meetings in challenging times

There are many different methods that can be used during group meetings. Below you can see a rough classification of which phases certain methods are suitable for.

Handout from February 11, 2022 for the event “ARGE Selbsthilfe” of the Karlsruhe self-help office

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Other materials

and guidelines

Advice for seniors with problems with smartphones, tablets and notebooks in the Mühlburg community center.

Contact details for citizen mentors for digital media in Karlsruhe:

Working aids from the Joint Association for planning and organizing virtual meetings of self-help groups:

NAKOS concepts and practice 8. Using the Internet for self-help work. A practical aid. 2nd edition, NAKOS 2015:

NAKOS EXTRA 38. Virtual is also real. Self-help on the Internet. Forms, effects and opportunities. A technical discussion. NAKOS 2011:

NAKOS INFO 108. Focus: Promote self-help in social networks. NAKOS 2012:

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DIGITAL SELF HELP. This is how I protect my data and the data of others:

Online conference tools - BAG self-help guide